Thoughtfully Random (Part II)

More random thoughts I would like to share with you. 🙂


Scars are a road map of where you have been. They need not dictate where you are going. -Angela S., September 2015



We bring to the workplace the understanding about groups we learned in our families. – Harry Levinson



I will never subject myself to hours. Hours are made for man, no man for hours. -Rabelais


Somewhere between two poles – living a life of vital lies and speaking simpler truths – there lies a skilful mean, a path to sanity and survival. -Daniel Goleman


I question our purpose,

Yet I know there is a reason

I question the pain,

Yet I know there is love

I question life,

Yet I am certain of death.

-Angela S., November 2015


Life experiences and situations do not define us. We define ourselves by how we get though them. -Angela S., June 2015


Life left unturned,

Yet I love you, forever.

Here I am alone in the world.

How can something so beautiful be so hurtful?

Kisses turn into bites,

Hugs into lashes,

Light burns bright,

Till we are ashes.

-Angela S., July 2015




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