Dearest Mother Nature…

Monday, April 18. What a gorgeous day it was today! I was extremely excited and anxious to leave the office, and pay Mother Nature a lovely visit by going for a wonderful late afternoon walk in the sun. Once home I quickly slipped out of my office attire into something more practical for a lengthy, leisurely walk. With my favourite specialty coffee from Second Cup in hand, I happily made my way towards the lake.

There beyond I noticed the sun was beaming upon a lonely bench by the water, and I took the liberty to occupy it. Sipping away, I gazed out onto the lake, watched and listened to the birds, and slowly closed my eyes to feel the sun’s rays embrace my body. Such warmth, such energy. So peaceful.

Moments later I heard footsteps. Slowly opening my eyes, I looked next to me and saw a woman with bleached blonde hair (her roots could be seen from a distance), face heavily made up, placing a coffee down so she could light up a cigarette. The fresh air I was breathing was now short lived. I looked up at her again and wondered: Why??? Why stop here, next to me, and smoke?. She caught my gaze – I suppose my face expressed my thoughts because she quickly moved further ahead a few feet in front of me and settled herself upon a rock – puffing away. The birds which were contently flying so  close now moved away. Sorry birds was the only thought at that moment.

Several minutes passed and I attempted to resume to my previous zen like state – with the scent of cigarette smoke invading my nostrils every now and then. I wasn’t going to move away. Why should I? After all I was there first! Stubbornly I remained, and then eventually noticed the cigarette scent was (finally) no more. Taking deep breaths I focused on letting the unsettling moments go, slowly counted backwards from ten and attempted to focus on my breathing.


Once again I was yanked out of my zone! This time by an annoying sound not made by nature. The woman was taking selfies!!! Damn! All I could think was with all this beauty around us, all you think of is taking selfie pics?!?! – UNREAL! At least have the courtesy to mute the bloody phone so as not to annoy me! Staring at the woman I felt my eyes beginning to glare. I was so disgruntled, but after a moment I started to feel so sad for her because she could not see past herself – and therefore unable to immerse herself in the true beauty of all that was around us.

Eventually I stood up to walk away as droplet of tears began to roll down my cheeks.

Dearest Mother Nature, I’m sorry that more beings are becoming so disconnected from you.



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