About Me


Express. Reflect. Discover.

Entering into my teens I began to write, express, reflect and find answers to “deal” with events in my life.

I have now only come to learn that the best way to positively survive is rather than “deal” with situations -its best to work “through” them.

Though my life has been a real roller coaster, the  discoveries made during the journey’s highs & lows are priceless.

The saying that a cat has nine lives…well that’s me (and the fact that I have this inexplicable & bizarre connection to felines! A story for another time). Unfortunately, I’ve lost track of how many lives I’ve gone through…or perhaps it’s  a blessing.

Speaking of blessings, I am a proud single mother of 3 beautiful children. It is through them I continuously learn and practice “unconditional love”.  My little people -how quickly they grow. *sigh*

I am woman. I am strong. I am life. I am.

What I am not is a product of my experiences or circumstances. My state of mind is what has kept me from dying off – figuratively speaking. The ability to express through writing and especially dance have provided havens for reflection. Through reflection I have come to understand that: I have choices, I chose and continue to choose to live by finding ways to work through any situation -big or small. The mind is a very powerful gift. The answers we seek are within each of us. You hold the key.  As cheesy or cliché this sounds – it’s true.

I must close my eyes so I may see clearly.

The combination of life experiences and being a certified Motivational Life Coach, enables me to share methods of washing away the mucky layers so you may unlock the gateway and once again let the inner light shine brightly.

Life is not about existing…it’s about living.



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