Under Attack!!

The news of the attacks in France is very disturbing. In fact, any such incident hurts us whether directly or indirectly. How can people be so cruel? Over many years (centuries), there have been so many inhumane acts of violence and wars in the name of religion, race -beliefs. Just how civilized are we? We beings can bring forth so much healing, and yet so much destruction.

The way I see it – US & Canada are a couple of very young countries (babies of the world). US makes lots of noise and bullies its ways to show strength amidst the many mature countries. As for Canada, well – our country appears “polite” as it stays quiet, and being influenced (or afraid of) chooses simply to follow it’s American sibling’s footsteps – yearning to be like the United states of America. So sad.

So am I surprised at the fact that we now may be facing a war expected to last 30 years? Not all. It’s a repeat of what happened in Afghanistan where the US sent weapons over to “help” (starting back in the 80’s), and then somehow they left these same weapons behind for the rebels (Al-Qaeda) to use. It happens again! Syria’s FSA is funded by the US which empowers Isis. Now talks are emerging stating there will be a lengthy war -needless to say that this strengthens the American economy as it needs wars to thrive -just look at history.  It’s no secret that gun manufacturing companies fund many political campaigns to ensure elected politicians -possessing their values- will pass and/or maintain bills around gun control (or lack of).

I have often said that “there are handful of leaders, and a shit load of followers“.  These particular leaders know how to manipulate, create reasonable doubt, and plausible deniability. The followers, well – most just prefer to sit back and play dumb.

So what is the truth? Furthermore, why is it we did not hear anything about the massive attack in Beirut which occurred just hours before the terrible attacks in Paris? What does the US gain by having only the France attacks highlighted?  It definitely put France in a situation where it now has to step up and publicly show strength, and so it did last Sunday – France launched a massive air-strike on Isis.

Get out of your comfort zone, take the lead, and start being mindful of what is really happening around you. Silence supports destruction, lets speak up so we can heal this world.

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