Sweet, Sweet Love


I’m in love with love,

And love is in love with me.

It pulls me in when I try to leave,

It flashes warm memories to tease,

Reminds me of how good it feels to love.


And it does. I am stronger with love.

I am love.



What is a “Mother”?

She is a Mysterious woman because one can rarely tell the secrets and desires locked within so she may put you first. She is a being who is Original in her ways -having birthed you. She is Timeless because her ways leave behind markings and footprints, even when she has passed on. She is a Healer nursing anything from cuts and bruises to mending your broken heart. She is Enlightening with endless guidance through inspiration and motivation encouraging you to be the best you can be. She is  Radiance because her light of love ever illuminates the path to find your way home….

…back into her arms.


A Mother’s Journey

Being of this world we need to physically journey through to make ends meet, care for our children and family, achieve dreams and so on. Women experience growth whereby we develop abilities to tap into nurturing qualities and make contribution to this world. However, equally and if I may say- more importantly, let us remember our INNER journey. Every life we give birth to is a gift -our legacy….our positive “effect” for this life. The power to raise children and nourish souls of our daughters and sons (whether our own or not) …therein lays opportunities to teach true LOVE, share and spread this love through our children.

Radiate love, respect and care towards our daughters, sisters and MOTHERS.

To the women of this world I encourage you to look within and brighten that spark of light (love) and illuminate the world.

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY! (Today & every day)