Sweet, Sweet Love


I’m in love with love,

And love is in love with me.

It pulls me in when I try to leave,

It flashes warm memories to tease,

Reminds me of how good it feels to love.


And it does. I am stronger with love.

I am love.



What is a “Mother”?

She is a Mysterious woman because one can rarely tell the secrets and desires locked within so she may put you first. She is a being who is Original in her ways -having birthed you. She is Timeless because her ways leave behind markings and footprints, even when she has passed on. She is a Healer nursing anything from cuts and bruises to mending your broken heart. She is Enlightening with endless guidance through inspiration and motivation encouraging you to be the best you can be. She is  Radiance because her light of love ever illuminates the path to find your way home….

…back into her arms.


Her-Story of Love Divine

This story commenced in the 16th century. A dark night lurked at my open door taunting me with what was to come while the cunningly cool breeze made its way to me. This was the blackest of  night for my lover’s duty was taking him from me across a vast body of water where he was to make his mark.

The lingering scent of jasmine lends a sense of calmness and comfort as fear of  losing him besieges my heart. Years of loving a man of a status who could never be husband to me,  yet with my every being I knew that I alone was in his heart.

Standing in a dark room I quickly turn towards a single lit candle burning on a mantle radiating its glow off an age-old mirror.  I carefully watch my lover’s mirrored reflection. His body reveals sadness as he speaks yet I hear  not his words, rather just sounds. I feel anguish, sadness and fear while I stare at his reflection coming close behind me.  The touch of his hand ignites heat through my body. He gently pulls aside my long dark hair, his warm breath by my ear. Closing my eyes,  I embellish in the sound of my lover’s voice for the last time – “I love you”.  His lips gently glide down the side of my bare neck imparting devotion through his caresses before sealing it with a kiss.

Watching his reflection turn away to leave, I deliberately remain facing the mirror sensing that seeing him leave this way would be bearable and perhaps grant me hope that I may see him again. Having taken only a few steps away, he pauses and quickly turns towards me. My back still to him, our eyes lock onto one another through the mirror, my lips gently part to express my love -yet  can make no sound. With disappointment he heads out disappearing into the awaiting night.

“This is not good-bye my love.”

Centuries have come and gone, yet this love is timeless. Our stars have finally aligned in the 21st century so we may complete our journey.

The night we met again was our turning point.

Standing in a room with those who stayed behind to reflect upon an evening of pure nirvana – in you walked. Without use of sight, I “saw” you.  As I stood conversing with others, I sensed you moving about the hall until you finally made your way to me. Images of our past were quickly unearthing.  Emanating such strong aura, you quickly introduced yourself and from that moment on our journey began from where we left off.

On June 14, 2014, I finally expressed the  words you had been waiting to hear since you sailed away. Two days later you left this life.

We shall be together again.






(We live in world attached to materials and tangible outcomes. Whether you believe in reincarnation or not, the images & memories I have and the feelings associated with them are very much real “to me”,  hence rather than ponder why, I choose to simply accept my experiences and share with you my stories.)


Angela’s Mantras

I thought I’d share a few of my mantras with you -with love. 🙂

Be curious.

Be void of expectations.

Intuition IS knowing.

Love yourself so that you may love others.

Be selfish to be selfless.

Seek harmony in this world.

Don’t hold onto love, give love.

Intuition is your true guide through life.

I have love. I AM love




Au Revoir Mon Amour

A heartfelt “thank you” to each & every one for the out pour of thoughts, prayers, love & support since the loss of my love, Alex Sousa. To better understand the effect Alex has on me and many others,  I share with you the speech  made at the funeral service held June 20, 2014.




Alex -King of Hearts

                 My King of Hearts 


November 27, 1967 – June 16, 2014

Firstly, I would like to give my condolences, love & support to all of Alex’s family including the beautiful souls at Bartley , all of his friends, and especially the children, L & A –know that you were (are) each truly loved for that is all Alex knew how to do –and does best.

What is love?

If each of you were to shout out an answer you would all be correct for love is all encompassing. Honestly, if you had asked me this question months ago, I would have said something along the lines of “love is to give of yourself”, “love is to feel security”, “love is to feel significant”, “love is to feel connected”, and so on.

I have known Alex Sousa for only a brief time. What we shared & what he opened my mind, heart & soul to during our brief time sufficed because love is also timeless. The bountiful energy Alex & I exchanged & shared in the seconds that filled our moments equates to days, weeks, months & even years. As individuals we are each complete & somehow void of expectations towards one another. Thus the energy formula (or synergy) of 1+1=3 became real & tangible for us.

In this lifetime, Alex was a seeker for he had many, many questions -which I’m sure some of his friends here today can attest to. Alex was a dreamer for he wrote & sang songs with passion, loved to dance and really loved being in love –a true romantic at heart. Alex was a visionary for he sought ways to efficiently enhance people’s lives –one of which was by developing the SonicWomb bed (anyone who has not experienced it, I urge you to try it out for his heart & soul was poured into this project). However, first & foremost, Alex’s focus & energy was directed towards the ones he loved, forgoing some of his own reflective/self-searching journeys, dreams and visions – as necessary.  Alex wanted to juggle it all because he was passionate about everything & everyone. This inevitably brought some lows in his life, yet despite it all Alex continued to smile, laugh & even love. The trooper that he is, Alex kept trying to perfect his juggling skills and in doing so some of these elements (seeking, dreaming, envisioning) were coming to fruition.

Days before he left this life, he continuously expressed to me with excitement that our mind, body & soul connections helped him tap into a source whereby his senses & awareness were significantly heightened and he was now able to see things clearly. He could see it all. Life made sense.

I believe this source he tapped into was pure & genuine love -so unconditional, so perfect that he outgrew this life –or as a couple of his friends have said “graduated onto the next level”.

My family & friends tell me it is so unfair that he left so soon, especially when our relationship just started. The truth is Alex & I are but old souls who sought one another for many, many lifetimes. The stars and planets aligned as such that we eventually found each other. Life is neither fair nor unfair. Alex completed his journey here with flying colours by affecting everything & every one of us with devotion, kindness, forgiveness, and more. The divine was “calling all angels” and Alex willingly accepted.

I ask you all to please take a moment & close your eyes. Take a deep breath. He has left you with the precious gift of love.

We spent most of our time together this past weekend sharing our ideas, dreams, thoughts and affections. We spoke about how we would build a home so all of our loved ones may gather. We tried to figure out how we would bring our children together, join our lives. One thing about Alex, he had no reservations about sincerely expressing how he felt about you. In turn, he allowed himself to be vulnerable and this is just one of the many qualities that make him so beautiful. Peace fell upon him when I finally said to him “I love you too”. With tears coming down, he said “thank you, that’s what I needed”.  These words will forever be embedded in my heart. Though our time together was brief, I am both honoured & blessed that I was with Alex that Monday morning – filling his heart, mind & soul with love as he has – and continues to do so for me.

Well Alex, I know you are aware of just how much you too are loved –you need only to feel us here, all gathered today.

I patiently await till my time comes to be with you again –in the meantime, I shall honour your wishes & dreams – Bartley’s Lighthouse will be our home where all shall be welcomed & feel our love, and we shall see it through that your vision is successfully carried on.

Now if you were to ask me what love is, my answer is simply “Alex”.


Love you always Alex.

-Your Queen of Hearts

Au Revoir Mon Amour


A Mother’s Journey

Being of this world we need to physically journey through to make ends meet, care for our children and family, achieve dreams and so on. Women experience growth whereby we develop abilities to tap into nurturing qualities and make contribution to this world. However, equally and if I may say- more importantly, let us remember our INNER journey. Every life we give birth to is a gift -our legacy….our positive “effect” for this life. The power to raise children and nourish souls of our daughters and sons (whether our own or not) …therein lays opportunities to teach true LOVE, share and spread this love through our children.

Radiate love, respect and care towards our daughters, sisters and MOTHERS.

To the women of this world I encourage you to look within and brighten that spark of light (love) and illuminate the world.

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY! (Today & every day)