Sweet, Sweet Love


I’m in love with love,

And love is in love with me.

It pulls me in when I try to leave,

It flashes warm memories to tease,

Reminds me of how good it feels to love.


And it does. I am stronger with love.

I am love.



I Do

I do what I do because

One day I will be no longer able to dance

I do what I do because

One day I will be stripped of my appearance

I do what I do because

One day I shall lose my mind

I do what I do because

One day I will have nothing left to give

I do what I do NOW because

One day there will be realization that the steps, beauty and wisdom I have shared -I did for you with love.

-Angela S., March 2014


Flicker of Peace

I look at the lit candle before me

In due time he will die

Meanwhile, the flame stands high

Burning bright with pride

Proud of her own strength to glow

And the power to allow us to see

Without her we are sightless

If only you could see how she reaches up

Up further

Beyond light she’s in heat

Now heat and air intertwine dancing about

Spreading warmth

Their love

Trying to match my breath with her heat

She snakes her way


The candle slowly diminishes to his death

Willingly allows himself to be used

Watch how his heart melts for her

She’s hypnotizing

She controls my vision

As I admire the beauty of love-making

Between candle and flame


Soon, the end

The candle reaching his peak

The flame tries vigorously

To bring him back to life

Breathing into him

All her passion and desire

Then, she too weakens

She is left alone

The strong glow now a little spark in the dark

Pain and agony soon follow

The flame can no longer live without her love

Her only reason for living


The last spark has flickered out…

There is no light


I sense



-Angela S, September 1990