So it has come to this…time on my hands (a rarity!!), which means time to reflect (woohoo!). The result is the following thoughts… creating a parallel between relationships and dancing.

For those of you who know me, my brain is wired as a person with passion for dancing (I teach dance), interest with IT (work within IT business solutions & projects), and I have this long time fascination with the human brain & behaviour (I provide life coaching). You will witness some elements within my writing below.

Before you read on, I need to define my version of what is a relationship. According to many dictionaries a relationship is “an emotional or other connection between people whether by association, involvement, blood, marriage.”.  Therefore, my belief is that a relationship starts the moment you make any form of connection. This relationship can last for a second, a day, a month, a year, a decade, or a lifetime. The reason I say this is because once a connection (of any form) is made, how I speak, react, and behave is in relation to this person.

Now for the parallel I draw between relationship and dance.  🙂

(LEGEND: Relationship = R, Dance = D)

Project Kick-Off = The Beginning!

Initiation Phase = Encounter Phase = Trial/Audition Phase

R= someone catches your eye and inspires within you an interest, enough to start a conversation and hopefully getting a phone number.

D= someone catches your eye from across the dance floor and inspires within you an interest, enough to get you to go over and hopefully dance.

Planning Phase = Dating Phase = Two Hand Hold Phase

R= conversations and outings are arranged to get to know one another, and dating begins.

D= one leads and the other is led to the dance floor which gives you a sense of what type of dancer you are engaging with, and dancing begins with two hand hold.

Development Phase = Courting Phase = Formal Frame Phase

R= trust, comfort, and greater connection develop which triggers desire to get closer emotionally & physically.

D= trust, comfort, and greater connection develop leading to dancing closer in a formal frame.

Implementation Phase = Intimate Phase = Rib Cage Phase

R= you feel this is the one for you, and are ready to move to the next level of the relationship sharing yourself completely in every way.

D= this is the one you for you, you are ready to move to the next level of connection by dancing closer to one another – rib cage to rib cage with arms wrapped around one another in full hold.

Deployment Phase = Commitment Phase = Dance Partner Phase

R= the trust, comfort, and familiarity makes for a wonderful connection – and so you commit to one another.

D= the trust, comfort, and familiarity makes for a wonderful connection – and so you dance together every chance you get.

Project Closeout = The End. 🙂